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Philosophy & Code of Ethics

Our image of the child is that of being competent, intelligent, a co-constructor of knowledge and a researcher actively seeking to make meaning of the world, often in collaboration with others.”

- Reflections ‘Reggio Emilia Principles within Australian contexts’. Jan Millikan 2003:33.


Our Catholic Early Learning Centres are guided by the same philosophy, believing that every child is a valuable and unique individual created by God. We value each child as an individual responsible for their own learning.  We believe that children are theory builders and problem solvers, who learn best by making meaning of their world through play, relationships and experiences.  We value children as social beings and recognise that they co-construct knowledge with peers, their families and our staff.

For more detail refer to CELC Philosophy and the relevant CELC website that describes how they bring the Philosophy to life.

Code of Ethics

The Catholic Early Learning Centres (CELCs) in the Diocese of Parramatta adhere to the Code of Ethics of Australia to act in the best interests of all children and work collectively to ensure that every child is thriving and learning. (Early Childhood Australia - A Voice for Young Children).

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